CRM For Startups and Entrepreneurs

"Wait a minute, I am the owner of a startup that has less than 10 employees, we are still developing our product and have only a handful of customers. Do I even need a CRM?"

Yes, you do.

Precisely, you need it more than businesses who have settled their feet and have the ball rolling.

Embracing a cloud based crm for contact management can greatly help entrepreneurs and startup founders. Most small business ceo's are under the impression that more tools equates more work and takes the focus away. That's an ugly truth but the golden rule of productivity is automation. And when it comes to business, you should leverage the tools that encourage business automation.

If you are doing the same thing twice, thrice and n number of times, every other day, automate it.

But My Gmail and Outlook Works Just fine ..!

It might work fine right now but overtime, your business will grow. You will have a sales team, a customer service team, a marketing team and if all goes well, you will end up having employees on different geographical locations.

Then what?

You just can't dig out all the previous business transactions, customer details and organize past records, that's nearly impossible and certainly not feasible.

Moreover, your email account is more of a personal tool, not accessible to a team.

If you're doing the same thing twice, thrice and n number of times, every other day, automate it.

But I don't have the funds to invest in a CRM, something which I have never tried anyway.

By CRM, we don't mean your email client, calendar, spreadsheet and calendar entries. A CRM is a collection of tools which uses technology to organize, automate and synchronize business processes. This may include sales activities, customer service, marketing or tech support.

Distributed Source is not a traditional CRM, you don't need upfront invest in hardware and neither you have to buy expensive software packages to get started. Distributed source is entirely cloud based, so we do all the hard work of building the ship while you sail it from one ocean to another.

This makes sense. So how can a CRM help my startup?

As the founder of a Startup, your biggest asset is the "idea" and "vision" of the product or service which you have perceived. If there is anything that can embellish this asset, it is relationships and proper utilization of resources or contacts you already have Distributed Source's CRM tools helps you to:

Strengthen relationships: Distributed Source's CRM tools helps you strengthen relationships with people who are interested in your product, service or offering. Our CRM tools can be used to keep a log of all the conversations and tasks you have associated with a contact, company or a deal. You get to see the whole relationship curve of a contact, with contact history, comments, notes, dates and deals the contact was involved into. The more you know the customer, the better decisions you can take.

Save time : Distributed Source has a suite of different tools which makes task and deal management a cakewalk. With our one click lead generation form, information of leads are automatically saved and stored in your Distributed Source account. Once you have the contact information of leads and interested prospects in place, you can process this information; make discrete plans for each deal and automate recursive sales routines.

Manage Risks: Entrepreneurial journey is full of risks, there will be challenges, unexpected outcomes and you will have to handle crisis situations quite often. A CRM helps you manage all the risks an early stage startup has to face - manage customer interactions, meet critical deadlines, provide tech support to early adopters and so forth. Moreover, a CRM helps you visualize the sales flow from a globally accessible interface

Utilize Resources: The last thing you want as a startup is to close shop just because you don't have the funds to sustain a healthy staffing. Distributed Source allows you to add multiple users to the same CRM account; this is great for switching roles between employees and assigning them distinct and added responsibilities. Moreover, you know how your team members are interacting with leads, whether they are meeting deadlines and finishing tasks within the due date. This is great for making the maximum use of available resources through automation.

So how much I have to pay to use it?


Distributed Source is completely free up to 20 users. As long as you are happy with 20 users and unlimited contacts, you don't have to spend a dime.

Here is how it works:

  • 1. You customer submits
    contact Information
  • 2. A new Lead information notice placed in
    your Distributed source Account
  • 3. You start to follow up with your
    new Lead

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