Why Distributed Source?

To help you work anywhere.

  • You should be able to work anywhere you want

  • Too much time is wasted commuting

  • Distributed teams are happier and more productive

  • Working flexibly improves your performance


Email Templates, Email Tracking, Inbound Emails, Duplicate Merging, Task Scheduling, Comments, Notes, Document Attachments, Products, Custom Fields, Reports, Instant Notification

Lead Capture and Contact Management in the Cloud

Automatically collect customer information with our lead capture form, no programming required.

  • Use a simple contact form to capture contact information of potential clients.
  • Create contacts manually or import contacts from a CSV file.
  • Notes, tasks, and previous activity means easy customer interaction tracking.

Fast and Efficient Deal Management

An intuitive CRM. Track your entire sales cycle on a single page, all actions neatly organized in one place. Create new deals with one click.

  • Add tasks and assign deal ownership in your sales team.
  • Sort deals by value, name, or date.
  • Attach notes and documents to deal pages.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Effective sales teams should know exactly what task to do next. It's vital to move deals through the sales cycle. Closed deals are how your business grows.

  • Schedule and Track Your Workflow
  • Set due dates for tasks.
  • Assign tasks to both deals and contacts.
  • Attach comments, schedule follow up tasks, and track your entire sales cycle.

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