CRM in the Cloud

Manage Sales and Customer Relationships From The Cloud

Whether you realize it or not, you may already be "living" in the cloud and "using the cloud" everyday.

If you've ever uploaded a photo to Facebook or Flickr, posted a video on YouTube, or archived an email in Google, you've used the cloud. These files are accessible from any computer or smartphone with Internet access because they're actually stored and managed by a third party service provider e.g Google, Facebook or YouTube

So now that you use the "Cloud" everyday, why not use it to manage business and customer relationships? When you have switched from snail mail to email, why not switch do the same for your business and save time, costs and managerial overhead?

Traditional CRM solutions have a major drawback of not being as cost effective as cloud CRM solutions are. In contrast to an onsite CRM solution that requires upfront investment in hardware, software and other technical implementations, a cloud CRM eliminates the need of development and maintenance, allowing you to focus on the sales pipeline. A cloud CRM frees you from overhead tasks and managerial activities , so you can spend more time doing things you really love.

Why Use A Cloud CRM?

  • Cost Effective: Since there is no hardware to buy and no software to install, you initial expenditure is null. All the resources are maintained by Distributed Source which includes upgrades, feature enhancements and maintenance costs.
    Distributed Source is completely free up to 20 users and allow you to store unlimited contacts.
  • Mobility: A Cloud CRM is extremely mobile in nature, you have complete access to your contacts, leads, deals and the entire sales flow from any computer, as long as it is connected to the internet. Moreover, if your organization has employees spread across different geographical locations, a cloud CRM is an ideal solution that jibes your workforce and binds them together e.g in any given instance, the offshore marketing team and onsite sales team sees the same data and flow.
  • Simple, easy to use, no training overhead: We are a firm believer of KISS (Keep it simple silly). Distributed Source has been engineered to keep the sales flow simple, obvious and intuitive. You and your team members can get started right after you have signed up for a free Distributed Source account, no training manuals are required.
  • No Software installations: Distributed Source is completely web based; you don't have to install anything on your computer in order to use it. Access Distributed Source from pc, mobile, tablets, mac or whatever device you own. If its connected to the internet, your CRM is right there!

So how does a Cloud CRM work?

Whether you realize it or not, you may already be "living" in the cloud and "using the cloud" everyday.

In a cloud CRM, you rent the CRM package from us, without having to build it all by yourself, spend funds to maintain it, tweak it and align it with your system, employees and processes. We do all the hard work for you, while you just use our efficient CRM tools to automate and organize your business processes.

For example, you can use Distributed Source's Task manager to associate tasks with specific clients and assign the tasks to specific employees. Your employees are informed of the task via Email and they instantly know what they have to do, along with all the other details of the task e.g due date, history, comments and notes.

Moreover, a cloud CRM is real time in nature, so you and your employees always see the same instance of a deal, task or contact. Whenever a deal is contacted or followed-up, everyone in your team instantly knows what's happening. Your customers are not annoyed through recursive calls and your business can strike a healthy balance between first contact, followups and other communication routines

Here is how it works:

  • 1. You customer submits
    contact Information
  • 2. A new Lead information notice placed in
    your Distributed source Account
  • 3. You start to follow up with your
    new Lead

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