Inter team task collaboration

Efficient project management often needs collaboration among team members. From content and conversations to processes, the entire thing needs to be structured and together at one place that would encourage clarity and focus. This would also help people to be at their productive best and get their allotted work done on time. Rather than do it all manually, you can use software for inter-team task collaboration to save time and effort without compromising on the quality of work. Here are some features that such a software should have:

User-friendly interface

Your chosen software UI should be easy to schedule projects, track time spend by a particular employee on a job and stay updated on a client's status. It should be easy to deploy and have admin capabilities that let you check workflows and control who gets access to your workspaces. The ability to make adjustments to your workflows quickly with a few clicks is another feature that the software should have.

Fast communication

Communicating and sharing project details over lengthy email threads and time-consuming files not only makes it tedious and slows down the process but often runs the risks of some important information falling through the cracks only to be picked up a later stage and causing troubles. With an inter-team task collaboration software, you can create a common podium (chats, message boards etc) where you can bring the entire team together for a tighter collaboration. With quick to-and-from exchanges happening in real time, the entire team would be able to work more effectively, thus improving the delivery time.

Custom structure

Your chosen software should let you tailor your processes to accommodate every step and stage that's integral to your team's working mode. By letting you define role and responsibilities clearly and using custom tools and processes unique to your team, such a software would ensure efficiency and a faster, improved output.


Your chosen software should easily integrate with your in-house project management system so that your processes don't come to a halt while you migrate everything from the old system into the new one.

Remote working functions

In case you have teams in different locations or offices who need to collaborate, or have staff who need to work together on-the-go, having an inter-team task collaboration software with remote working functions would help. You may even check if the software offers an Android or iPhone app that can make the mobile workforce collaborate more effectively.

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