Product Sales Tracking software

Optimizing sales productivity is an integral part of any business. Tracking, analyzing and forecasting of individual and team sales opportunities, pipeline and contacts is a big task, which needs quick proactive action. If you want to close more sales deals faster without spending time on mundane tasks like filling details in records, or allocating tasks and managing them manually, getting a product sales tracking software is the answer.

Some features that such a software should have are:

Lead management

From tracking and analyzing leads to categorizing the ones that are most likely to be converted into sales as hot leads, and then allocating them to your sales team for a quick follow-up, you can automate a lot of tasks to ensure faster and better lead management.

Storing and tracking customer data

A product sales tracking software should help you store, manage and access customer data easily. Thus, you can view critical details about customers and their deals, together with other key details like communication history, who closed the deal, or the present status (in case it's in process) etc. Many of these software have social integrations that let you pull deeper social media data to understand customer behavior and know what they are saying about your products/services. Such insight can help you prepare for customer meetings, compete against your competitors and track all associated activities as they happen, thus letting you close deals faster.

Sales forecasting, collaboration and performance management

From getting sales forecast with real-time adjustments and comparing them with present data, finding and sharing the right information with respect to critical projects and topics with your team, connecting sales goals to data available and simplifying performance summaries of employees every time they complete a project or goal, you can do a lot with such software that would boost overall sales figures.

Automate sales process

You can automate your sales process with just a few clicks with such a software. From setting automatic email alerts for deals belonging to a particular category (say, the ones beyond a certain size), auto-assigning tasks at different stages as a deal goes from the initial phase to the final one, to creating automated workflows to guide sales agents through qualification conversations, or automating manual and mundane activities like putting together complex proposals or filling out orders, you can manage your sales processes faster and more efficiently.

Bring a product sales tracking software today to close sales quickly and take your business to the next level.

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