Deal Management software

Deal management software works as a single point of solution for all your deal related tasks and challenges. With it, you can close more deals efficiently while increasing the profit margin. Deal management teams need to monitor the deal pipeline regularly and have to be empowered with the ability to manage the entire deal lifecycle effectively. With the help of deal management software, the team can access the centralized inventory for all deal related historic statistics, track pipeline activity and deal progress. It estimates the profit margin of each line item of a deal cycle, thus helping to predict the overall performance of a deal. It enables sales representatives to receive all relevant information regardless of the browser/device they're using. The pricing guidance and analytical context that such a software provides would help to close profitable deals within a shorter deal cycle time.

Some must-have features of a deal management software are:

Opportunity management

It empowers you to manage all deals by helping you stay connected to relevant people and access information that you need to close a deal. With such a software, you can configure and automate workflows for each asset type and link these to the creation, tracking and management of investment opportunities. The deal forecasting feature too can come handy in giving you a real-time picture of a deal's forecast based on in-line estimates.

Deal management

Instead of storing information across numerous hard drives and sharing sensitive deal data via files and docs, you can now create a live archive that lets anyone access any information, as and when needed, from a centralized point. This way, you and your team can easily archive, view, or repurpose financial market research and models, or check if due diligence was exercised for past transactions. You can even sort and maintain easily accessible records of deals based on categories. By giving you complete visibility for all deals, such a software would help to generate quick reports on pipeline activity for senior executives and extent of progress in deals.

Streamline collaboration

Apart from tracking deal progress, a deal management software keeps team members and third-party partners in loop about action items throughout the entire lifecycle of the deal. Thus, collaboration becomes fast, streamlined and effective.

Use of such a software also improves compliance and decreases risk by reducing your reliance on unsecure data or emails. So, start using one now if you aren't already using it.

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