IT Service Desk and Ticketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses often have the same basic business needs as their bigger counterparts but have less staff and less support for the tasks. If you too belong to this league and are struggling with your IT help desk and ticketing services, it's time to think of an IT help desk and ticketing software that can make life easier. Wondering what features to look for? Here's a ready reckoner:

Track all your customer requests and problems

For a small business, problems and service requests may often fall through the cracks and stay unattended until the angry customer gets back. With an efficient IT help desk and ticketing software, you can easily access your service desk through multiple channels such as phone, email, live chat or portal to track and report all requests and problems at one place. Such a software can even let you automate time-consuming mundane tasks like routing and acknowledging tickets. Additionally, you can also leverage such software to derive useful insights about your IT help desk's efficiency, collaborate with your team and always stay on top of your ticket pile.

Easy Integration

If your chosen software needs you to switch between various applications every now and then, it would adversely affect your help desk. Ideally, it should seamlessly integrate and work well with other small business applications like project management softwares, business accounting systems, CRM and feedback survey tools.

Efficient change management

Unplanned changes trigger almost 80% of IT issues. In case the changes aren't tracked properly, significant resources and a lot of time would be needed for troubleshooting the issues. Some IT help desk and ticketing software let you can evaluate the risk associated with the change and its probable impact during the early stages of change planning, along with the option of creating a backout plan for unexpected failures, all of which can help in planning and tracking changes.

Support Analytics

Process analytics and business intelligence have become extremely crucial for small businesses as a small tweak in the process based on data could bring significant results. IT help desk and ticketing software with help desk analytics can provide you with key support metrics, which you can use to assess your service quality and make informed decisions to optimize your support process, thus improving it.

A robust ticketing system

A small business should have a robust ticketing system that makes every service request and incident count. Thus, it becomes important to ensure that each problem gets ticketed, tracked and resolved. Whether it's assigning the right support rep or categorizing tickets, your chosen IT help desk and ticketing software should let you do it all in just a single click. This way, you can select, assign and resolve tickets all day long! With the right IT help desk and ticketing software, you can also run repetitive tasks on autopilot and cut down your number of tickets by providing a shareable knowledge base with answers to repetitive queries.

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